First monitoring visit of the SEAFOREST LIFE!

The first monitoring visit of the SEAFOREST project with the LIFE monitor Mascha Stroobant was held in Pratovecchio-Stia (AR) today, at the headquarters of the coordinating beneficiary DREAm Italia, in order to verify the progress and impact of the SEAFOREST LIFE project!

Collection of Posidonia fruits beached in Sardinia!

The coordinator of the project SEAFOREST LIFE, DREAm Italia - Progetti europei, together with the researchers Ispra - Higher Institute for Protection and Research ..., collect the first beached fruits of Posidonia oceanica in a beach of Stintino (SS)! This exceptional stranding of the fruits, in this period and in such large quantities, due to the rough conditions of the sea and the strong winds, is however not a good sign: if the plants in the sea lose their fruit, it means that the blooms will not be so abundant . All this is the intangible effect of climate change underway ...

Here are the so-called "sea olives" ... or the fruits of the Posidonia oceanica seagrass! this is why it is not an alga: it has flowers and fruits, unlike the algae that have none of this.

Technical meetings with the Sardinian Parks involved in the project

On 28-29 March the project coordinator DREAm Italia - European Projects, together with ISPRA - National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Water Right Foundation and CNR IAS, met in Sardinia the contacts of the Asinara National Park and the National Park of the La Maddalena Archipelago, 2 of the 3 parks involved in SEAFOREST LIFE. The purpose of the technical meetings was to verify the latest existing data on the Posidonian meadows monitors in the 2 Marine Protected Areas, and then discuss the principles and operation of the Mooring Plan envisaged by action C.2.

Meeting at the Asinara National Park

Meeting at the La Maddalena National Park

First project coordination meeting at Archipelago of La Maddalena National Park

On 18 and19 October 2018 in La Maddalena (SS), in the splendid setting of the Archipelago Park, the first project coordination meeting was held. All the Italian partners were present, and it was an excellent opportunity to illustrate the actions we will take to help stop the degradation of Posidonia oceanica in some Protected Marine Areas of our country, areas that host important Posidonia oceanica meadows.

Our partners are: DREAm ItaliaISPRA - Institute for Environmental Protection and Research; CNR IAS -National Research Council of Italy; UNITUS (DIBAF) - University of Tuscia (Department for innovation in biological agricultural and forestry systems); Water Right FoundationLa Maddalena Archipelago National ParkAsinara National ParkNational Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and AlburniCARBONSINKParagon Europe.