In LIFE projects, collaboration among projects dealing with similar issues is very important, in order to exchange experiences and objectives. This is why we have launched networking actions with the following LIFE projects:


The main objective of the LIFE Blue Natura project is to quantify carbon deposits and abortion rates of peat bogs and seagrass meadows in Andalucia, a region in southern Spain. The emphasis will be placed on what is accumulated in the seabed, analyzing the expected future developments, from the rate of carbon loss to potential carbon fixation and accumulation rates, and the ratio of carbon emission/sequestration into the atmosphere by damaged grasslands. This information will allow a rough quantification of the ecosystem services created by these habitats. This should also encourage existing initiatives to fund conservation and restoration projects of habitats containing blue carbon reserves and the development of key policies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, with particular attention to carbon emissions trading or carbon credit market.


The Life SEPOSSO project, Supporting Environmental governance for the POSidonia oceanica Sustainable transplanting Operations, supported by our partner ISPRA, aims to improve the Italian Governance of Posidonia oceanica transplants, a priority marine habitat 1120 * sensu Habitat Directive (1992/43/EEC), performed to compensate for damage caused by coastal works and infrastructures. The project makes use of the collaboration of numerous stakeholders with which to design and apply best practices and innovative software tools, which will increase the effectiveness of planning and control of transplantation activities. This will make it possible to contribute to the implementation of European environmental legislation (EIA-2014/52/EU and MSP-2014/89/EU) and to make citizens aware of the importance and respect of Posidonia oceanica meadows and of the marine sites within Natura 2000 network.

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