In this section the documents produced within the LIFE SEAFOREST project can be consulted and downloaded.

Action A.1

Action C.1

Action C.2

Action C.3

  • 3 mooring installation projects (expected by 29/02/2020)
  • 3 projects to remove dead bodies (expected by 29/02/2020)

Action C.4

  • Memorandum of understanding between the Park, the body responsible for disposal, beach managers and the managing body of the composting center, for the sustainable management of the beach (expected by 12/31/2022)
  • Technical report of the action (expected byr 12/31/2022)

Action C.5

Action C.6

  • Strategic document for the adoption of the voluntary environmental credit market (expected by 30/09/2022)
  • Manual of carbon sink estimation standards for habitat 1120 * (expected by 31/12/2021)

Action C.7

  • Territorial legal agreement (expected by 30/09/2023)
  • Guidelines and Model of Agreement (expected by 12/31/2020)
  • Data Base Network List (expected within 31/03/2021)
  • Report on the first conference (expected by 31/05/2020)
  • Report on the second conference (expected by 30/09/2023)
  • Report on national workshops (expected by 12/31/2022)
  • Cluster work plan (expected by 31/03/2021)
  • Final report with statistics for a list of active actors participating in the agreements (expected by 12/31/2023)

Action D.1

  • Action monitoring report C3 and C5 (expected by 30/09/2023)
  • C6 action monitoring report (expected by 30/09/2023)
  • C4 action monitoring report (expected by 30/09/2023)
  • C2 action monitoring report (expected by 30/09/2023)
  • C7 action monitoring report (expected by 30/09/2023)
  • First KPI update (expected by 10/31/2019)
  • Last KPI update (expected by 31/03/2024)

Action D.2

  • Questionnaire database and monitoring report on the socio-economic impact of the project (expected by 12/31/2023)

Action E.1

Action E.2

Action E.3

  • Technical manual of LIFE good practices for the posidonieti (expected by 30/09/2022)

Action F.2

  • Project audit report (expected by 12/31/2023)
  • AfterLIFE Plan (expected by 12/31/2023)

Action F.1

  • 9 partnership agreements (expected by 31/03/2019)
  • 10 minutes of coordination meetings (expected by 12/31/2023)