Status: on going

This action includes all activities related to user awareness on the issues addressed by the project. For the dissemination of the project and its results, a publication will be carried out with the aim of disseminating a complete technical summary of the objectives and results of the project, the methods of implementation, the tools used and the scientific-technical bases on which the project is been set.

There will also be several bulletin boards and signs in the project territories, with the aim of informing and sensitizing all visitors to the protected area (local operators, users, tourists, owners, farms, etc.) and in particular, all those who will attend the sectors affected by the interventions, on the theme of the project and on the aims of the interventions.

There will also be a brochure that will contain a brief summary of the project, as well as a summary of the project (Layman's report) that will be used for demonstration and dissemination during public activities organized by the beneficiaries. The summary will aim to present the project, the objectives, the actions undertaken and the results to the public.

To sensitize citizenship, there will also be a series of short video clips, which will briefly illustrate the project themes and interventions, and which will be condensed into a single video at the end of the project.