Status: not started

The monitoring of the C2 action on the definition of good practices for habitat 1120* conservation (mooring plan) will be carried out by checking the number of required mooring permits, and the number of accesses to the portal and related registration. The monitoring of the C.3 action will be carried out by counting the eco-sustainable moorings made and the number of "obsolete" moorings removed for each protected area. The effectiveness of the C.5 action concerning Posidonia transplantation will be carried out by measuring prairie parameters at transplantation sites, and at sites where dead bodies have been removed, in order to verify the success of re-vegetation operations. The monitoring of the C.4 action on sustainable management in Posidonia beachta will be carried out through interviews with the local authorities that manage the coastal strip and its users, to check if the users' perception towards the banquettes stores has improved or changed compared to before project interventions.