The project partner CNR - IAS of Oristano (Institute for the study of anthropogenic impacts and sustainability in the marine environment) is processing seismic data in the area of ​​the National Park of the La Maddalena Archipelago . These data will be useful for some project actions: A1 (Quantification of carbon deposits and rate of change in relation to habitat degradation), A1.1 (Cartography and characterization of the 1120 * habitat for the protected areas involved in the project); C2 (Definition of Good Practices for the Conservation of Habitat 1120 *: Management Plan for Anchors and Moorings), C3 (Definition of Good Practices for Conservation of the 1120 Habitat *: Interventions on Moorings). The elaboration will also be useful to provide information on the conservation of the Posidonia oceanica habitat and for the management of anchorages and moorings.

The illustrated seismic section shows the main acoustic facies detected in the Porto della Madonna (La Maddalena National Park, Sardinia)